Add a New User Account

The following describes the steps required to create a new user account.

  • Start the Database > Administration tool.
  • Expand the Users tree node.
  • Expand the All Users tree node.
  • Select an existing user, such as DESIGNER, to act as a basis for the new account.

System Administration - Add New User Account

  • Right-click and pick Add from the context menu. This will open the User Properties form.
  • The form will contain the details of the user that you have selected. You should change these as required.
    • User ID:        e.g. JOEBLOGGS - the user ID is entered on the log in screen. It must not contain any spaces.
    • User Name:    e.g. Joe Bloggs - enter the full name of the new user.
    • User Type:    from the pulldown list select either CAD User or nServer User.
    • Password:    this is to maintain the integrity of drawings, settings etc.
    • Email:        add an email address for access and to unlock downloadable content.
    • User Group:    from the pulldown list select a suitable User group.
  • Press the Ok button.

You will be asked if you want to copy the settings for the base user to the new user. Answer Yes to this.

You'll now see the new user account in the list of users, and the settings files displayed will be the same as those for the base user.

  • Close the form, using File > Close.
  • You should now log in using the new account to confirm it is active using File > Disconnect.
  • From the Connect page enter the new User ID and Password.
  • Press the Connect button.
  • You should see the message The Appearance settings for your user group have been modified. Do you wish to discard the changes you have made to your settings and use the settings provided by your administrator? Respond Yes to this.

You should now be logged in as the new user, and you can see the User ID at the bottom of the screen, to the right of the status bar.

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