What is Licence Server?

The primary use of Licence Server is to allow floating licences between workstations to aid flexibility. 

The Impact Licence server utility is installed on a server or designated workstation and given an IP address. The licences are then loaded into the licence server for deployment. Finally, each Impact workstation is then configured to look for the server IP address. Upon connecting to the database the user will be prompted to choose a licence to allocate. Once disconnected from the database the licence is freed to allow another user to use it.

As of Impact 2019, it's now possible to run an Impact Licence Server without a physical dongle.

Impact running on a workstation that uses a license from the Impact License Server can be used via Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). (While Impact that uses a standard activation licence cannot)

If you are interested in using Licence Server as a solution or have further questions, please contact Arden Software Support.

Refer to the Licence Server User Guide for more information regarding its usage and setup.

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