How to Create a Support File

You will sometimes be asked by the Technical Support Team to send them a support file, containing Master Tool Settings, Templates, Symbols, User Settings and Database Structure Files.

This is done using the Database Administration - Tools - Wizards - Settings Export Wizard

You should go through the wizard selecting all options on each page, unless you have been specifically asked to do something different.

When you have finished you should save the file, normally called, to a convenient location and then email it to the Support team.

Whilst the file is being created a progress window will display what is happening and then the Server Logs will contain a report detailing what has been exported.

To access the Database Administration tools, you MAY need to log in to the Impact database as a power user - typically the SUPPORT user or the ADMINISTRATOR user. Contact your Impact administrator if you need to create a support file but do not have the appropriate user privileges.

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