Server Installation

Follow the steps below to install the Licence Server on a Windows NT-based Server or Workstation:

It's good practise to run the same version of Licence Server as Impact / nServer being utilised, to avoid compatibility issues.

Note. Arden Licence Server is not shipped with an installer. Instead, it requires manual setup and configuration, as outlined below.

  1. Install the latest DesKey DK2 dongle drivers. (Note. These are needed when or not a physical (USB/Parallel) dongle is intended to be used vs Dongleless (software-based key) installation)
  2. If running Licence Server with a physical USB/parallel dongle, insert it now into a compatible USB or LPT port. (Tip. Check Device Manager to make sure the device has been recognised, and that appropriate drivers have been assigned.)
  3. Copy the unzipped Licence Server files into a folder on the NT Server, e.g. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Arden Software Ltd\Licence Server'
  4. Using the Windows command line (Note. It is advisable to start command prompt as an administrator, to elevate privileges sufficiently) run LicSrvr.exe /INSTALL to install the service.

    "Service installed successfully" message confirms correct installation

  5. Using the Windows Services Manager (services.msc) select Arden Licence Server and start the service. If using a physical dongle, an error code of 100 indicates the service was unable to locate a valid server dongle; you may need to reboot to locate the dongle. If you’re using Dongleless this error code is expected.
  6. For Dongleless Licence Server setup only, locate the ‘log.txt’ file which should have now been created in the program files location (from Step 3) following the previous failed attempt to start the server.  Send this log file to Arden's licensing team, who will use the collected system data to generate a unique, machine-locked dongleless licence key (.dlc) file.  Place the received .dlc file in the program files folder and repeat step 5.
  7. Check the service properties, the Licence Server should be set to start up Automatically - meaning it will be available immediately each time the host server or workstation is started.

Follow the steps below should you wish to uninstall the Licence Server, for example, as part of an upgrade.

  • Using the Windows Services Manager select the Arden Licence Server and stop the service.
  • Using the Windows command line run LicSrvr.exe /UNINSTALL to uninstall the service.

Use the Licence Server Administrator to configure the Licence Server.

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