Available Licences

After connecting to a project database, Impact will contact the first available Licence Server and display a list of available licences. If a user or workstation has been configured to use pre-allocated licences these will be automatically selected in the licences list. Simply press Allocate Licences to request the selected licences and continue running Impact.

Available Licences

If you have configured Impact to contact more than one Licence Server, and you wish to connect to a different Licence Server simply select it from the Licence Server list.

Releasing Licences

Your allocated licences will remain valid until one of the following happens:-

  • You disconnect from the project database
  • Your workstation no longer receives broadcast notifications from the Licence Server because of a network failure
  • Your connection to the Licence Server is broken
  • The Licence Server service is stopped or the Server Dongle is removed
  • An administrator revokes one of your licences
  • A user who has been pre-allocated one of your allocated licences requests it
  • An administrator reconfigures the available licences and one or more of your allocated licences are no longer available

Using a Workstation Dongle

Impact is now configured to use a Licence Server for obtaining a valid licence. It is still possible, however, to use Impact with a normal workstation dongle. This might be necessary if you wish to run Impact with a test build or a support engineer dongle for instance. Simply insert the dongle and start Impact as normal. The available licences dialogue will include the inserted dongle to select.

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