A call to SSPI failed

PROBLEM: A call to SSPI failed

Example: An error message "A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception." is displayed when starting the real time synchronization monitor.


This error is generated when using a TCP/IP endpoint for the ISynchronizationSubscription. It relates to how Windows authenticates a user for the running service using Kerberos. More information can be found on the web by searching for 'SSPI SPN WCF'. 

Modify the EnterpriseServicesClient.exe.config file client endpoint section for the ISynchronizationSubscription by either

1. Using a numeric IP address for the TCP/IP endpoint rather than a server name.  

2. Or, by adding an <identity> section for the net.tcp client endpoint and specifying an empty servicePrincipalName as below 






    contract="Arden.Enterprise.Services.Interface.ISynchronizationSubscription" >


      <servicePrincipalName value=""/>




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