Licence Server Administrator Overview

The Licence Administrator is used to manage the Licence Server and the Licence Certificates installed on the server.

Server Licences

You will have been supplied with a DK2 Server Dongle; this must be installed on the machine running the Licence Server. You will also have a number of Licence Certificates (*.lic files); these contain the Arden Licences you have been issued. They can only be used with the Server Dongle allocated to them.

Each *.lic file name contains a 6 digit Server Dongle and a 3 digit Licence ID. For instance 107323_001.lic is Licence 001 for Server Dongle 107323.

Configuring the Licence Server

See Connecting the Administrator for information on connecting to the running Licence Server.

See Server Settings for details on configuring the Licence Server settings.

See Installing Licences for information on configuring the available licences. Once you have installed your licences you should Test the Licence Server is working correctly.

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