HTTP Response Code 401

PROBLEM: HTTP Response Code 401
Example: HTTP Response Code 401: HTTP/1.1 401 User <username> is not authorized for access.

When authorizing access to the RESTful web services three key pieces of information are used. The Impact LoginID and Password and the Url being used to access the services. This may be caused by a one of the following issues.

1. If you are using encrypted passwords on the Enterprise database ensure you have configured the BrowserServiceEncryptedPasswords setting.

<add key="BrowserServiceEncryptedPasswords" value="true" />

2. Check that the Url you are using from the Impact CAD Browser to access the web services is not being translated by the IIS web server. Perform a 'Test Connection' on the Enterprise RESTful web services and examine the Authentication Url, this should match the BrowserServiceUrl you have configured for the Enterprise database. If the server has translated your address you should reconfigure the BrowserServiceUrl to match.

<add key="BrowserServiceUrl" value="http://SABRE02/RESTWebSite/" />

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