Error: Control has no parent window

Problem: Control has no parent window 


Error preventing login to Impact: Control … has no parent window 

Clicking continue causes Impact to close 




The user’s settings have been corrupted. Follow the steps below to the clear user settings.

  1. Log into Impact as a user with administrative privileges, or as the Admin user 
  2. In the main toolbar, go to Database > Administration 
  3. In Database Administration, expand the Users folder in the left menu and then expand All Users 
  4. In “All Users”, click on the affected User to view their settings files 
  5. Right click on the userSettings.ini and environSettings.ips settings files and choose Delete

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6. Disconnect from Impact

7. Enter the login credentials for the affected user, press and hold the shift key and click on the Connect button, and then click on Yes in the window that opens to clear the Blob Cache

8. Load the user’s saved Appearance 

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