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Automation Menu Item

This form is called from the Database Window form and is used to define a script or plugin library to be added to the Actions menu on the Database Custom Table form. It can also be used to add a button to the commands panel.

Automation Menu Item


Enter the caption that will appear on the Actions menu or the commands panel.


From the drop-down list choose the required action:

  • Run automation
  • Open project by code
  • Open project by name
  • Open Child DBW

Depending on the chosen action, you will be prompted for different information:-

Run automation


Press the edit button  to select a macro, script or plugin library from the Macro Select form.

Open project by code or name


Enter a field value.

Open Child DBW


You should now choose an appropriate relationship for a child table -> parent table from the drop down list.

Child DBW

Either select a specific DBW or select <None> to use the default DBW mapping for the child table.

DBW Title

Specify an optional DBW title that will substitute values from the current parent record.

Use menu item in Action menu

Choose this option to add the item to the Action menu on the database window.

Menu break before item

Switch this option on if you want a break line to be displayed in the menu.

Use button on commands panel

Choose this option to add the item to the commands panel on the database window.


Enter an optional hint here, for when the cursor hovers over the button.

Add space before button

This option can be used to separate this button from the previous.

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