Cannot Update or Discard a Project

Problem: Cannot Update or Discard a Project 


Error when choosing to Update or Discard project 




The project has become corrupted and will need to be replaced with the latest version that is stored on the Impact database. The following steps will allow a corrupted project to be discarded. 

  1. Open your Impact Browser 
  2. Turn off the view of the information panel. Locate and click the button at the top of the Browser named Viewthen click on Information Pane. This will turn off the right-side pane. 
  3. Navigate to your Working Projects folder 
  4. Right click one of the affected projects. 
  5. Select Release 
  6. Choose Discard 
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 on teach remaining corrupted project (if applicable) 
  8. Turn on the Information Pane by repeating step 2 

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