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These settings are only applicable to Impact licences equipped with the optional 3DX module.

All of the supported 3D file formats are detailed here, including those that require the 3DX module.

3D Import Settings - 3DX Node


  • Centre objects at the origin - if enabled, the origin of the model will be positioned at the average centre of all imported parts. If this option is not enabled, the model origin will be positioned at the centre of the Impact 3D scene.


  • Import object hierarchy - if the 3DX model contains a hierarchy (a collection of related parts and sub-parts) and this option is enabled, the hierarchy of parts & sub-parts will be preserved. If the option is disabled, the resultant model will comprise a single object. This option is analogous to the 2D importing of a drawing containing Blocks & Sub-Blocks without exploding them.
  • Group objects together - if the hierarchy has been imported and this option has been enabled hierarchies and sub-parts within a model may be selected but not translated unless they are manually un-parented (removed from the hierarchy). If this option is disabled hierarchies & sub-parts can be selected & translated, without any need to un-parent them.


  • Import hidden objects - if the model contains objects marked as hidden or invisible in the originating application, this option will allow the import of those objects.
  • Make all objects visible - all objects within the model will be made visible, regardless of their status in the originating application.


  • Surface Quality - (Extra Low/Low/Medium/High/Extra High) - this affects the number of polygons & vertices which are created for the model (or each sub-part, if a hierarchy is imported). The more polygons & vertices, the smoother the model (or sub-part) appears, albeit at a cost of increased import-time & memory usage. The Surface Quality option is analogous to the curve tolerance control found within the 3D Wizard.

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