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Release Project

The Release Project form is opened either from the File > Update tool or when you select Release from the Project Browser form. When opened from the Project Browser it applies to all projects that are currently selected on the form.

Release Project - Action

  • Update selected project(s) - this option allows you to keep or discard any changes made to individual layers
  • Discard select project(s) - this option causes all changes to be discarded

Keep working on the layers updated or discarded

Switch this option on (only available when you've chosen to Update selected projects) if you want to keep those layers checked out from the database. Any changes made so far will be permanently saved to the database.

Lock these project(s) preventing other users from modifying them

Switch this option on if you want to prevent other users from modifying the project or projects you are releasing.

The text on this page will be slightly different if the option Allow individual layers to be worked on by different users

 in Options > Environment > Database Operation is switched off. Firstly, the comment after the Update selected projects option will be as follows: All the changes you have made will be updated into the database, allowing other users to then view or modify these project(s) and secondly, the check-box here will state: After the update keep working on these project(s). This is because you cannot check out individual layers with this option switched off.

Release Project - Layers


If the form has been opened from the File > Update tool then this will simply be the name of the current project. If it has been opened from the Project Browser form, and you had several projects selected, then this will be a list of the selected projects.


Press this button to display the next project in the list.

Layer table

This table displays the layers in the current project from the above list. The table will be automatically updated whenever you select a different project in the list.


This column contains each of the layer names.


This column contains the layer type, such as ONE_UP, MULTI_UP etc.


This column contains the current revision number of each layer.


Here you should choose what action to take with each layer. For unchanged layers the options will be Release and Keep Checked Out; for layers that have been changed they will be Update, Discard and Keep Checked Out.

Show only those layers that have changed

Switch this option on to restrict the display of layers in the table.

Release Layers - Comment

You should add a comment describing what changes have been made. This comment will be displayed in the Project Properties form - Revisions tab, which is displayed from the Project Browser and the Open Project form.

Release Project - Revision

Create a revision which includes project geometry

Switch this option on if you want to include a copy of the geometry as it is at this point.

Replace the last revision created

This option will only be visible if the last revision was created with project geometry. If you switch the option on then the project geometry you create here will overwrite the previous geometry, and you won't be able to retrieve that geometry.

Release Project - Reassign

Reassign project(s) to

Switch this option on and select a user from the list if you want assign the project to another user. Doing this immediately checks the project out for that user to start working on.

Don't update the database just reassign projects

If you switch this option on (which is only available if you chose Update selected project(s) on the Action tab), then any changes you have made will not be checked in to the database and a revision will not be created. However, your modified geometry will still be available to the other user.

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