3D Layer view is frozen on canvas

Problem: 3D Layer view is frozen on canvas 


When viewing a 3D layer and then switching to another layer and/or project, the 3D layer view is frozen on the canvas which prevents any view or actions on the canvas in any layer.

This frozen 3D layer view, unlike the actual 3D layer view, displays the Ruler on the canvas border.

Canvas before changing layer:

Canvas after changing layer:

Solution: Adjust Nvidia Control Panel settings 

If you still have Impact open with the frozen 3D Layer view, projects are still able to be Saved and Released.

This issue occurs on workstations with multiple graphics cards, such as laptops with onboard graphics, when the non-Nvidia graphics are being used for Impact.

To enforce usage of Nvidia graphics, open your Nvidia Control Panel. Navigate to "Manage 3D settings" and adjust the following settings in the "Global Settings" tab:

  • Preferred graphics processor: select High-performance NVIDIA processor
  • Under Settings
    • OpenGL GDI compatibility: change to Prefer compatible
    • OpenGL render GPU: select the Nvidia graphics model installed on the workstation


NOTE:  If using Program-specific Nvidia settings for Impact, located in the "Program Settings" Tab in the Nvidia Control Panel, please check and ensure that these settings reflect the above changes.

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