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General Settings

This page allows you to specify the general properties of the folding model and the 3D layer.

3D Wizard General Settings

Layer Name - allows you to specify an alternative name for the 3D layer. The default layer name is 3D View.

Model Name - allows you to specify an alternative name for the folding model. The default name will be that of the 2D source layer.

Global Fold Angle - allows you to specify a global fold angle for folding faces. Unless an entity has a 3D fold angle (or fold angle variable) assigned to it within the 2D layer, the global fold angle will be applied. 

Curve Tolerance - curves are converted to lines when a 3D folding model is created. This option allows you to specify the maximum deviation of the line entities from the actual curve. Smaller values will allow a more accurate representation of curves, whilst larger values will result a curve being represented by a noticeable series of straight lines. This straightening of curves is similar to the result of exploding arcs to lines within a 2D drawing layer.

  • Set origin to selected position - allows you to set the origin of the folding model to the selected position. Otherwise, the origin of the folding model will be determined by the coordinate X=0mm, Y=0mm within the 2D source layer. Object rotations take place about the origin, and so a sensible origin position is extremely useful. The usual Impact Snap Modes are available so that you can select an exact position.

NOTE: You can adjust the 3D Origin of a selected folding model or mesh object via the 3D>Object>Edit Origin tool.

Texture Quality - choose from Low/Medium/High/Very High/Unlimited. Low will allocate 1024 x 1024 pixels to each face (inside/outside or die face/print face) of the folding model. Medium will allocate 2048 x 2048 pixels, High will allocate 4096 x 4096 pixels, Very High will allocate 8192 x 8192 pixels, whilst Unlimited will pass through all pixels present in the 3D layer. The Very High and Unlimited quality settings will give the best possible artwork quality, although this will increase rendering time and generate a larger project size when saved, and potentially do the same to any output when exported.

WARNING: The 'Unlimited' option allows for the creation of very large textures which could cause performance issues or instability on lower powered hardware.

If you choose a texture quality that is higher than the maximum allowed in the Workstation Options then you will see a suitable warning message:-

WARNING: Your current 'Max. Texture Size' is lower than the 'Texture Quality' option selected, consider updating your 3D workstation environment options.

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