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The Preview pane allows you to view the drawing without opening it.

Along the bottom are the following tools:

  • Layer pulldown - switch the layer being viewed
  • Repaint - refreshes the preview
  • Zoom in - about the centre point
  • Zoom out - about the centre point
  • Zoom in/out - click to zoom in, shift-click to zoom out
  • Zoom box - define a rectangular area to zoom into
  • View extents - displays all visible geometry within the preview area
  • Pan/Zoom - click-hold-drag to pan, hold shift down and drag up to zoom out or down to zoom in
  • View full screen- click or press any key to return to normal view
  • Print

If a 3D layer is being viewed, some of the view/zoom tools behave differently. In addition, the following tools are available:

  • Camera rotate - click-hold-drag to move the camera
  • Animate stop - stop the playing of the 3D animation
  • Animate play - start the playing of the 3D animation, if one has been saved

There is also a context-menu which offers the following tools for a 2D layer:

  • Enquire tools
  • Snap modes
  • Lock modes
  • View tools
  • Save Image (As a pixel graphic file)
  • Print
  • Visibility

For a 3D layer, the following context options are available:

  • Display (Normal, Hidden line removal, Wireframe, Wireframe and Solid)
  • View (Above, Below etc.)
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Zoom Box
  • Rotate View
  • Animate (Play, Play Backwards, Stop)
  • Save Image (As a pixel graphic file)
  • Print

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