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Insert Symbol

Edit Bar controls: Mode, Scale, Rotate, About X, About Y, Origin, Change, Recalculate text entities.

This tool allows you to insert symbols from the symbol database into the current block.

When you activate the tool, the Symbol Select form appears. Once the symbol has been selected the following options appear on the Edit Bar:


This allows you to insert the symbol using one of the following modes from the drop-down list:-

  • As block - the symbol will be exploded to a block with any sub-blocks or sub-symbols exploded to entities
  • As block with symbol(s) - the symbol will be exploded to a block, but any sub-symbols will remain as symbols
  • As geometry - the symbol will be exploded to entities
  • As symbol - the symbol will simply be inserted as it is


This option allows you change the scale of the inserted symbol. Enter the required scale factor. This option will only appear if the chosen symbol has the option to scale switched on in its symbol properties database. See Save Symbol As.


This option allows you to rotate the symbol about its origin point. Enter the required angle.

The rotation can be calculated automatically using either the Lock > Tangent or Lock > Perpendicular modes. In this case the you can hover the cursor over an entity (Line, Arc or Bezier) and the angle will be calculated such that the y-axis of the symbol is tangential or perpendicular to the entity. The **Rotate** entry field will be greyed out as you hover over an entity.

About X

Switch this option on to mirror the symbol along the X axis.

About Y

Switch this option on to mirror the symbol along the Y axis.


This option allows you to change the insertion point of the symbol relative to its extents. By default the cursor is positioned at the origin point of the symbol. The other options are to place the cursor at the Centre, Top/Left, Top/Right, Bottom/Left or Bottom/Right of the symbol extents.


Press this button to open the Symbol Select form and choose a different symbol to insert.

Recalculate text entities

Some symbols could contain text entities that reference database or system values that are specific to each drawing layer. Switch this option on to force these values to be recalculated whenever a new symbol is selected or whenever the current layer is changed. (You can change the current layer whilst running this tool.)

Special symbols

N.B. If you are using this tool to insert either the Flute/Grain or Machine Direction symbols then the Rotate and Mirror options are not available.

Pick the anchor point of the symbol and the symbol is positioned according to the settings specified on the Edit Bar.

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