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Standard Toolboxes

This menu allows you to display the following toolboxes: Pan And Zoom, Entity Inspector, Impact Explorer, Design Components Library, 3D Components Library, Keyboard Entry, Script Toolbox, Output Toolbox, Snap Settings, Grid Settings, Report Toolbox, Geometry Analysis Toolbox, Animation Editor, Cross-Section, 3D Fold.

These toolboxes remain open while you are using any other tools (unlike forms which must be closed for you to continue working). They can be left floating over the main Impact window, or they can be docked to the sides of the window.

To dock a toolbox which is floating, click on the toolbox's title bar, hold the mouse button down and drag the toolbox towards the sides (or top or bottom) of the window. As the cursor approaches the side, the rectangle defining the new toolbox position automatically snaps to the side. If it does not snap where you want it, keep moving the cursor.

If you do not want the toolbox to be docked, and simply want to reposition it, hold the Control key while dragging the toolbox.

When it is docked, the title bar is replaced by a handle - the handle appears at the top if the toolbox is docked to the left or right side, or at the left if the toolbox is docked to the top or bottom. You can resize a docked toolbox by dragging the handle.

To undock a toolbox (if it is not locked in position), click on the handle and while keeping the mouse button down, drag the toolbox away from the side. Alternatively, right-click on the handle and choose Undock Toolbox from the context menu.

To lock a docked toolbox, right-click on the handle and choose Locked from the context menu.

To close a floating toolbox, simply click the X button on the top right corner.

The toolboxes can be quickly opened whenever you need them by assigning hotkeys to them (see Keyboard).

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