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Fold/Select Faces

  Edit Bar controls: Select All, Invert, Preset Angles, Angle.

This tool allows you to fold selected faces within the current 3D scene. You can manually select and fold by left-mouse clicking and dragging a face, or left-mouse click to select and activate the controls on the edit bar. Control and click allows you to select multiple faces.

Select All - allows you to select all faces for the currently selected design.

Invert - inverts the current selection of faces to be folded.

Angle Snap - allows you to define an angle increment for manual folding. Ticking this option displays an Amount spinbox. Clicking and dragging selected faces will then fold/unfold the face by increments of the amount specified.

Preset Angles - folds the currently selected face(s) to the preset angle.

Angle - allows you to define a fold angle.

Apply - will fold the selected face(s) to the user defined fold angle within the Angle spinbox.

Run the tool and left-mouse click to select the required face(s). Click and drag until the selected face(s) reaches the required fold angle or use the Edit Bar controls.

Right-mouse click and select Cancel 3D Camera Rotate to cancel the tool.

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