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3D Wizard

The 3D Wizard allows you to create a folding model via a series of pages representing the steps in a real-life production process. The Wizard also offers advanced features which are not available from the 3D Viewer tool, noticeably increased or decreased texture quality (for higher resolution artwork or conversely decreased rendering time/improved response), an option to set the 3D origin to the picked position,  2D geometry checks (to highlight problematic geometry), options for image-based varnishing, foiling & embossing and a real-time dynamic preview.

Image-based varnishing and foiling rely on loading a monochrome image into the Wizard (at the Varnishing or Foiling stages, respectively), and then assigning a suitable Varnish (or Foil) Master Tool Setting to those images. White areas will receive the specified Varnish coating (or Foil pattern), whilst black areas will be ignored. Image-based embossing relies on loading a grey-scale image into the Wizard (at the Embossing stage). Mid-grey areas will receive no height adjustment, whilst lighter greys will be embossed and darker greys debossed.

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