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This page allows you to view any geometric errors which may cause a problem when creating a folding model, re-assign palette settings and fold angles (if required) and isolate problematic faces. You can also instruct Impact to treat certain entities as Dependent Folds whereby their folding behaviour is dependent upon other geometry.

3D Wizard Geometry

Dependent - allows you to flag folding Crease/Cut-Crease/Perf or Score entities as Dependent. Their folding behaviour will be governed by their respective major Creases.

Cut - allows you to change selected folding Crease/Cut-Crease/Perf or Score entities into Cuts.

Remove - allows you to remove selected folding Crease/Cut-Crease/Perf or Score entities.

Reset - allows you to reset all changes made to the model from within the Geometry page.

Isolated - allows you to remove isolated faces (faces which are not linked to the base panel).

Palette Settings - allows you to select a Palette Setting, governing the behaviour of palettes within the folding model.

Favourites - allows you to flag a Palette Setting as a Favourite setting (for quick access).

Fold Angle - allows you to edit the fold angle of Crease lines which are dependent upon the Global Fold Angle (ie when a fold angle or fold angle variable has not already been assigned).

Preview - a context menu option allows you to Select All entities to fold, select no entities to fold (Select None) and to Toggle Select the status of entities to fold.

Model Warnings & Errors - any geometric issues which may affect the creation of a folding model will be listed here. The relevant entities will be highlighted within the preview pane.

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