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This page allows you to view embossed & debossed areas and optionally load additional embossing & debossing maps.

3D Wizard Embossing

Outside - embossing map only applied to the outside/print-face of the folding model - viewed from above.

Geometry - click to toggle the visibility of Cuts & Creases.

Embossing Maps - a context menu option allows you to add/delete additional embossing maps and refresh the preview.

Mask Settings

  • Embossing - this colour, which is not configurable, indicates where embossing will be applied.
  • Debossing - this colour, which is not configurable, indicates where debossing will be applied.

Transparency - specify a transparency percentage to apply to the embossing/debossing maps. A value of 0% would show only the mask colour and leave the embossed/debossed areas visible. A value of 100% would simply show the board/artwork with no indication of embossing/debossing. A value of 50% will allow the board/artwork and embossed/debossed areas to be seen. In the example above, embossing will be applied to the red areas, whilst debossing will be applied to the green areas.

Preview - the preview pane contains a real-time dynamic preview, with a range of controls located beneath the preview window itself. The preview pane also features a context menu offering the following tools - Display/View/Pan & Zoom/Zoom In Out/Zoom Box/Rotate View/Animate/Save Image & Print.

Click Next to continue with the Wizard or Back to return to the previous page. Click Cancel to cancel the Wizard.

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