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Design Options - Palette Groups

Use this form to display and modify palette group information.

Design Options - Palette Groups

Lists all palette groups available to the current drawing. Palette Group "0" is the default group. It contains all of the palettes in the drawing and cannot be deleted or modified.

Palette groups created in a template can only be modified or deleted from the template.


This button will open the Palette Group Attributes form and allows you to create a new palette group.


This button allows you to change the name of and palettes in the highlighted palette group. It opens the Palette Group Attributes form.


This button will delete the highlighted palette group.


The colour of the text in this box shows you which bridge styles are from the Master Template and which are Custom ones.

NOTE: If you have opened this form from the Master Template, then you can change and delete any of the palette groups except the default palette one.

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