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Design Options - Project Options

Use this form to display and modify the project specific options.

Design Options - Project Options

Dieside Orientation

(This name will vary depending on the terminology in use, as defined in Environment Options - Database Operation - Terminology)

This applies to all layers in the current drawing (again, the following prompts all depend on the terminology):

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Undecided

This setting represents the "actual" orientation of the design. The "viewed" orientation can be changed via View>Visibility.

Alternatively you can use Utilities - Face Settings to change both settings.

Coordinate System

Current Block

The coordinate system origin will be the block insertion point of your current block. The coordinate system orientation (on the screen) depends on any transformations (mirroring or rotation) which have been applied to the block insertion.


The coordinate system origin will always be the layer origin, even if you are within a sub-block.

Specify (3 Points)

You can define your own coordinate axes, picking your own origin and your own orientation for the X and Y axes.

Specify the coordinate system when this form closes

If you do not check this box then the current coordinate system will be used.

When the form closes you will be prompted to pick the new origin point. The cursor will display as a pair of (x,y) axes.    When these have been positioned you will be prompted to pick an x-axis direction (the cursor will rotate about the origin) and finally you will be prompted to pick the y-axis side (the cursor will mirror about the x-axis).

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