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Drawing Checker

Drawing Checker

This form is called from the Utilities - Maintenance - Layer Checker tool.

Bridged Paths

Switch this option on to check for paths of entities (or section of entities) greater than the specified Minimum Length that do not contain any bridges.

Nicks on Bridges

Switch this option on to check for Nick Symbols that are inserted on top of a bridge or within the specified Tolerance distance from a bridge.

Coincident Lines

Switch this option on to check for overlapping lines in the current block.

Coincident Blocks

Switch this option on to check for blocks and symbols that have the same insertion point.

If the tool finds any results within the settings specified, one or more blocks with an appropriate name (Bad Bridges, Bad Nicks, Bad Lines, Bad Blocks) will be created containing entities of palette 0 on top of the problem area. If no result is found a confirmation message will be displayed.

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