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Export Form

The Export Tool is used to export data from Impact in any one of a number of formats.

File Export

File format

From the pulldown list select the file format that should be created.

A list of Master Tool Settings will be displayed. Only those settings that have been selected as available for the chosen file format will be displayed.

Additionally, if the Impact file format has been selected, then there will be another pulldown list above the MTS list with the following options:-

  • Settings for this customer
  • Settings for any customer

Selecting Settings for this customer means that only those MTS that are assigned to the customer that is associated with the current project will be displayed.

Master Tool Settings

From the displayed list select the required MTS. The selected MTS description is displayed below the list.

A temporary override to the settings can be made by double-clicking the setting name and editing any of the settings. Next time the tool is run these settings will return to those stored in the database.

Overrides to some of the settings can be made on this form as follows:-


Decimal Places

This is an override for the MTS Decimal places option.


Use visibility settings

This is an override for the MTS Use visibility settings option.



From the pulldown list choose As actual, As viewed, Print-face or Die-face. This is an override for the MTS Face option.

If mirror is required

Select one of the radio buttons:-

  • Mirror about x-axis
  • Mirror about y-axis

This is an override for the MTS If mirror is required option.


Skip unmatched palettes

This is an override for the MTS Skip unmatched palettes option.


Click this button to cancel the Export procedure.


Click this button to continue with the Export procedure.

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