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Palette Attributes - General

Palette Attributes - General


Enter a unique name for the palette.

There are several substitution codes that can be used within the name that will incorporate some of the palette settings into the name. Available substitution codes are as follows:-

  • %w - Rule width
  • %h - Rule height
  • %i - Sidebevel side
  • %d - Sidebevel distance
  • %a - AS400 number
  • %n - Catalogue number
  • %x - Make-ready channel width with the grain
  • %y - Make-ready channel width against the grain
  • %s - Zipper width or first Combo palette length
  • %r - Second Combo palette length
  • %l - Zipper gap

The real number values (%w, %h, %d, %x, %y, %s, %r, %l) can also have a formatting string included. This should take the format [n1.n2] where n1 specifies the number of digits before the decimal point and n2 specifies the number of digits after the decimal point.

For example, entering the name Cut_%w[2.1]_%h[2.2]_%n for a palette whose rule width is 1.4mm, rule height is 23.6mm and catalogue number is 1234A will give a palette name of Cut_01.4_23.60_1234A.


Enter the palette description, if required.


From the drop-down list choose the required rule type:

  • Balancing knife
  • Crease
  • Cut
  • Cut crease
  • Delamination
  • Laser
  • Matrix
  • Milling
  • Non print
  • Other
  • Perf
  • Profile rubber
  • Reverse crease
  • Reverse score
  • Rubber
  • Score
  • Secondary
  • Strip knife


Enter the required palette width.  You can use the pointage button to toggle the units between the current distance unit and points.

Note that the same Width also appears on the Manufacturing page of the Palette Attributes form, along with the Height.

AS400 No.

You may optionally store a free-form string in this field, for example for a stock control reference.

Catalogue No.

You may optionally store a free-form string in this field, for example for a stock control reference.

Macro Palette

You may optionally enter a list of alternative names by which this palette may be referred from macros. (These names must be separated with semicolons.)

Visible in current canvas

By default, the palette will be visible. If you switch this option off, then the palette will not be visible. This setting can be overridden in View - Visibility or on the Impact Explorer - Visibility page.

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