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3D Visibility

Use this section of the Visibility form to control the visibility for the current 3D layer.

3D Visibility - 3D Visibility


Check the entity types you wish to make visible within the current 3D scene.

  • Designs - if checked, folding models will be visible. 
  • Polygon Meshes - if checked, imported mesh objects will be visible. 
  • Dimensions - if checked, 3D dimensions will be visible. 
  • Lights - if checked, 3D lights will be visible.   
  • Cameras - if checked, cameras will be visible.
  • Grids - if checked , 3D grids will be visible.

NOTE: that selected entities can be hidden by unchecking the Visible option within the Common tab of the Entity Inspector Standard Toolbox.


For objects within the current 3D scene, you can specify the following attributes:

  • Show bounding box - if checked, selected objects will display a bounding box representing the current extents of the object.
  • Show design edges - if checked, selected folding models will have their edges highlighted.
  • Show axis controls - if checked, selected objects (folding models/mesh objects/lights/cameras) will display an Axis Control (displaying X, Y & Z axes) which can be used to move the object along a selected axis in conjunction with the Move tool.
  • Show highlight - if checked, selected objects will be highlighted.

Folding model showing Bounding Box, Edge Highlighting & Axis Control

Show design edges applies to folding models only.

  • Show Animation paths - if checked, paths illustrating the movement & rotation of animated objects will be displayed. Choose from:

Selected entities - if checked, the paths for selected animated objects only will be displayed.

All entities - if checked, the paths for all animated objects will be displayed.

3D scene displaying the Animation Path for a Target Camera

Viewing Distance

Specify the maximum viewing distance for objects within the current 3D scene. Any objects outside this distance will be 'clipped'.

  • Maximum Distance - enter a suitable value.

Clipping of a Folding Model as the Maximum Viewing Distance is exceeded

Viewing Perspective

Choose from Orthogonal or Perspective viewing modes.

  • Orthogonal -
  • Perspective -

Orthogonal (left) & Perspective (right) Viewing Modes 

  • Use field of view angle -

Field of view angle -


You can enable a frames-per-second display, to help benchmarking. The frames per second (fps) will be displayed at the bottom-left corner of the 3D scene. The defined 3D Text colour will be used for the fps display.

  • Show frames per second - if checked, the fps count and frame duration will be displayed.

FPS Display

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