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Advanced Find - Search Criteria

This form is the same as the Master Tool Settings form Database Settings - Queries - Search Criteria.

Enter one or more criteria for the search. In the above example, using fields from the CUSTOMER table:

Customer Code - contains - a
OR: Customer Name - contains - smith

Add criteria by entering:

  • AND or OR (this is ignored for the first criterion)
  • choose a table name and a field name from the Field drop-down
  • choose a Condition from the list (the items in the list will depend on the data type of the chosen field - for example a string field will allow contains, begins with, ends with and so on, whereas a date field allows on or after, on or before, between and so on)
  • If the condition requires it, enter one or more Values - again these depend on the data type of the field
  • Press Add to List to add this criterion to the Find items that match these criteria area

Once you have some criteria specified, you can highlight one or more rows and use the buttons:

  • Group, Ungroup and None to add or remove brackets - these can be important to the logic of the criteria
  • Up arrow and Down arrow to rearrange the order
  • Remove to delete the rows

You can also specify that the user is to be prompted with a question when the query is executed. Any criteria you have defined which contain values (for example a piece of text or a date) are shown with an icon (to the right of the row). The icon denotes a Fixed value and  denotes a User value. To change this, click on the icon and choose the required one from the list.

Selecting User value causes the User Values page to be available.

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