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Advanced Find - Display Fields

This form is the same as the Master Tool Settings form Database Settings - Queries - Display Fields.

Decide how the query results are to be shown by choosing one of:

  • Show the fields used for displaying projects - that is, your usual Project Browser fields
  • Show the following fields in this order - choose from the list; you can add New items to the list and Edit existing ones (via the Database Field form); Delete existing ones or use the up and down arrows to change the order of the highlighted item

When specifying a list of display columns you can also add lookup columns for LAYERS and any extra layer tables if you have added search criteria for those tables.

This example shows a list of display columns for DRAWINGS and CUSTOMER as well as lookup columns from both these tables.

You don't have to explicitly add a criterion from a lookup table to add a display column from that table. You just have to add a criterion for the child table to be able to use any lookups for it. So, for example, to use a LAYERS table relationship you just need to add a criterion containing the LAYERS table, to use a ONE_UP table relationship you need to add a criterion containing the ONE_UP table.

This example shows a query that includes ONE_UP criteria, so the list of display columns can include lookups from LAYERS and/or ONE_UP as required.

Note the use of the SALESREP table multiple times; it has lookups from DRAWINGS, LAYERS and ONE_UP.

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