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Connected Users

This form is displayed if the Administrator tries to connect to a database when other users are already connected or from the Database Administration - Users - Connected Users tool.

Connected Users

The table will display the users that are connected to Impact, together with their connection details.


Press this button to close the form.


Press this button to refresh the form, checking again to see which users are connected.

Send Message

Press this button to send a message to one or more users.

Ask to disconnect

If you press this button you will be asked Do you wish to send a disconnect message to every currently connected Impact user? If you answer Yes then a message - Please save all your work and close Impact as soon as possible - will be sent to all connected users.

Show Messages

Pressing this button displays all current messages for the highlighted user in the User Messages form.

Force Disconnect

If you press this button the following warning message will be displayed:

WARNING: This operation may cause the users' system to behave unexpectedly. Only perform this operation if you are sure all the selected users have disconnected from the Project Database.

Continue and force disconnect of the selected users?

If you answer Yes then the selected users will be automatically disconnected.

Auto Refresh

Switch this option on to force the display to be refreshed at regular intervals. This means that you no longer need to use the Refresh button.

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