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Copy to Database

The Copy to Database form is called from the Impact Browser - Folders - Copy to option.

Copy to Database - Options

On Existing

From the pulldown list choose Never replace existing items, Replace items matching 'Reference' or Replace items on any column match.

On Duplication

From the pulldown list choose Automatically generate unique values, Prompt for new values or Don't copy item.


From the pulldown list choose Match by Code, Name; Match by Name, Code or Match by Name only.

This option is used to define how Impact matches customers from the external database to ones in the local database. If, in the Database Operation > Display > Customers option, you've configured a two part format or advanced customer format, then these options will be replaced with Match by <Display Text>, Code, Name; Match by <Display Text>, Name, Code and Match by <Display Text>, Name only to better describe the way the matching is done.

Copy all sub-folders as well

Switch this option on to copy items in all sub-folders as well as those in the top level of the folder.


Copy to Database - Revisions

Copy all current project updates and revisions

Switch this option on to copy the updates and revisions of the copied items.

Create a new project update for this copy

Switch this option on to create a project update and enter a comment into the field below.

Create a project revision with geometry

Switch this option on to add the geometry to the project revision.


Copy to Database - Advanced

Timestamps - Action

From the pulldown list choose Preserve all timestamps to maintain the timestamps from the original drawing or Reset creation timestamps only so that creation timestamps will be changed to reflect the import time, and all other timestamps from the original drawings will be maintained.

Set creator and modified by to 'User name'

Switch this option on if you want the Creator and Modified by project fields to be assigned your user name. Otherwise they are left unchanged.

Copy/Create missing Users

If a user name that is referenced in the project does not exist in the target database then switching this option on will cause it to be created.

Clear Project and Layer Locks

Switch this option on to remove any locks that apply to copied projects and layers.

Copy/Create/Reassign Customers

Switch this option on to define how to treat customers in the copied projects.


From the pulldown choose Copy/Create missing Customers, Reassign missing Customers or Reassign all Customers. Choosing either of the Reassign options then enables the following option.


If either of the Reassign options was chosen above, then you should choose the required customer from the pulldown list.


Copy to Database - Logging / Errors

Create Copy Log

Switch this option on to create a log file with a name in the format LOGnnn.TXT containing brief information about the copy process.

Verbose logging messages

Switch this option on to include detailed information in the log file.

Display verbose error messages

Switch this option on to display detailed error messages whilst the copy process is taking place.

Stop on first copy error

If this option is switched on then the copy process will stop as soon as an error is encountered. Otherwise it will continue copying.

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