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Create Database Lock

The Create Database Lock form is called from the Impact Browser - Folder Create Lock option.

Create Database Lock


From the pulldown choose one of the following options:

  • Folder locked for move/delete
  • Folder locked for access
  • Folder locked for properties
  • Project locked for access
  • Template locked for access
  • Symbol locked for access
  • Error log lock
  • Settings lock
  • Customer Settings lock
  • Database Copy Lock
  • User Edit Lock
  • Database Installation Lock
  • User Working Folder Lock
  • Standard Settings Lock
  • Settings Synchronisation Export Wizard Lock
  • Sites Lock


From the pulldown list choose the required user to associate with the lock.


Enter the required lock value.

Simulate NServer Lock

Switch this option on to create a lock that appears to have been done from nServer.

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