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Customer Information

Customer Database

This form is accessed from the Database - Customer tool and it allows you to configure the data stored for any of your customers. It does not display, nor let you modify, the customer to which the current project is assigned - use Database - Project to do this.

The layout of the fields that are displayed, the text that appears with them and in which format the fields are shown is defined by the Database Windows settings.

The operation of this form is exactly the same as described in Custom Table. Note, however, your user privileges may not allow you to add, modify or delete customers.

Normally, the Actions button will have the following options available:

  • Sites - Opens the Customer Sites form where you can define at which sites this customer will be visible
  • Documents - Opens the Documents form where you can attach documents to this customer
  • Cancel Find - Only available after performing a Find
  • Sorting - Specify that the customers should be sorted in ascending or descending order, and by which key field
  • Always Requery
  • Confirm Deletes
  • Quick Finder

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