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Data Connect Arguments

Data Connector Arguments

The Data Connector Arguments form allows you to configure required and optional arguments.

Data Connector

This is the name of the Data Connector

Valid Arguments

The form shows the valid arguments, which could be a mixture of required and optional arguments.

  • Arguments are separated by semi-colons
  • Optional arguments are surrounded by square brackets
  • Argument values separated by vertical bar mean only one of those values can be specified
  • Argument values separated by commas mean one or more values can be specified


Enter any arguments directly in the list.

Argument Editors

The arguments list has some special editors built in (using the editor button in the value column).

  • When an argument expects a script then the VBScript inline editor form is shown
  • When an argument expects Xml then the Impact text editor form is shown
  • When an argument expects a file path then the file selector form is shown

Copying/Pasting Arguments

The form supports copying and pasting of all arguments in a single operation using the copy/paste buttons shown below the arguments list.

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