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Dependency Wizard

This wizard scans standards contained in your database and determines the dependencies on Material Variables and Common Variables used within them.

This wizard will produce a detailed report of all dependencies within the selected standards so you can determine the effects of modifying a Material Variable or Common Variable.

This wizard can also be used to automatically add or update Material Variables and Common Variables in a set of selected standards.

It is highly recommended that you back up your existing standards before performing any of these operations as they cannot be reversed.

Dependency Wizard - Select Standards

When you first go to this page the Select Folder form will be opened, where you should choose the Standards folder containing the standards that you want to scan.

Clear All

Press this button to clear the list of standards.

Select Folder...

Press this button to re-open the Select Folder form. The standards from the chosen folder will then be added to the existing list.

Dependency Wizard - Scanning

This page gives a progress report as the standards are being scanned for variables. Whilst this is happening the Restart button will actually be a Cancel button, allowing you to stop the process if required.

Dependency Wizard - Dependencies

This page displays all of the variables that have been found in the selected standards. If you double-click a variable all the properties for this variable will be displayed in the Standard Variable form.

The Expression column displays any expression used to generate the variable. However, if the variable is used in more than one standard there could be some inconsistency. If this is the case than an appropriate warning message is displayed in this column, such as (Expressions different) or (Defaults different).

You can also right-click a variable to display a context menu with the following items:

  • Properties - display the variable's properties in the Standard Variable form
  • Compare - compares the Common variable with the Standard variable and displays the results in the Variable Compare form
  • Expand all - open all the nodes in the list
  • Collapse all - close all the nodes in the list
  • Previous warning - highlight the previous warning message in the list
  • Next warning - highlight the next warning message in the list
  • Print - send the dependency list to a printer
  • Save as Text - send the dependency list to a text file
  • Update Standards - open the Update Standards form from where you can force the variable to be updated in some chosen standards - performing this action will make the Updates page available

Dependency Wizard - Updates

This page lists the variables and associated standards that will be updated, as defined with the Update Standards tool described above.

Dependency Wizard - Library Objects

If any library object licences are referenced in the selected standards then these will be listed on this page.

Assign new protection to all standards

Switch this option on if you want to enable password protection on these standards.


Press this button to open the Standard Protection form, where you can choose the required Library Object and set a new password.

Standard Type

The chosen Library Object will be displayed here.


You must enter any existing password here.


This button will only be enabled if there is something to be updated. This means that there must either be something in the Updates list or the Assign new protection to all standards option is selected.

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