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Document Information

The Document Information form is called from the Documents Form, using either the context menu or the tool button .

Document Information - Document


The Name, Description, Type and Group fields are as entered when the document was added, such as from the Add Document form.

The Item Type field contains the Mime Type as defined in the Document Configuration form.

The Created and Modified fields are automatically filled in when the document is created and subsequently modified.

The Document Version is automatically updated (either the major or minor version number) from the Document Update form. Tags are also added during Document Update - see the Document Configuration page.

The Status field will be Normal, Deleted or Purged.

The ID values are generated automatically; the Document ID is unique for all versions whereas the Series ID is unique for each document.


Document Information - Versions


A new version is created each time you modify a document. A list of available versions is given here.

Most of the columns are as described on the Document tab. The Details column includes the Update Document Comment together with a description of the version number change.

Right-clicking on one of the version rows gives the following options:-

  • Document Information - opens a new Document Information form for this version
  • History - similarly, opens a new Document Information form for this version
  • Open to view - Opens a read-only copy of the document using the default application associated with the file type
  • Copy to - Allows you to make a copy of the document
  • Print - Sends this document to your default printer
  • Email - Starts a new email with this document as an attachment
  • Revert to - Revert the document file to the selected version
  • Make Current - Replace the current document file with the selected version
  • Delete - Delete the selected version of the document
  • Undelete - If the selected version of the document has been deleted you can undelete it
  • Purge - If the selected version has been deleted you can purge it
  • Obliterate - If the selected version has been deleted you can obliterate it
  • Refresh - Redisplay the list of versions



Document Information - Relationships


Relationships can be defined between a document and another database item, such as a project, symbol or customer.

This tab contains a list of all relationships associated with this document.

The Relationship column describes the type of relationship.

ID gives the object with which the document has a relationship.

Version will be blank if the relationship has been created with the latest version of the document. Otherwise, the specific version will be named.

The final two columns show when and by whom the relationship was created.


Use this button to add a new relationship for this document.


Use this button to delete the highlighted relationship.


Document Information - History


This page gives a full audit trail of all the changes that have been made to this document.

Using the buttons at the top you can choose to only show the history of the latest version or all versions of the document.

The Operation column could be one of the following:-

  • Created
  • Check out
  • Checked in
  • Check out cancelled
  • Deleted
  • Undeleted
  • Data purged
  • Values updated
  • Data updated
  • Tags updated
  • Relationship added
  • Relationship removed
  • Auto-deleting
  • Make current
  • Revert to
  • Copied to
  • Viewed
  • Printed
  • Emailed

Version is the document version that was changed and Details describes the operation in more detail.


Document Information - Checked out

Checked Out

This tab is only displayed if the current document is checked out. It displays details about when and by whom the document was checked out.

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