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Document Update

The document update form is called from the Documents form when you select the Document update button.

Document Update

Updating From

Press the edit button  to choose a file from which to update this document.


Enter the document name here.


Enter an optional description for the document here.


From the pulldown list choose an appropriate group, if there is one that matches this document.


The document size will be displayed here.


The document version number will be displayed here.

From the radio buttons choose the required update type:

  • Major Version update
  • Minor Version update

This will cause either the major or minor version number to be incremented accordingly. For example, document version 1.0 will be changed to either 2.0 or 1.1


Optionally enter a tag here. See the Document Configuration page for a description of the use of tags.

Update Document Comment

Add some text here describing the update.

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