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Install Standards

This wizard, which is opened from the Database Administration form - Tools - Wizards menu, will guide you through the process of installing or upgrading a Standards Set.

Install Standards - Select Standard Set

Standard Set File

Press the edit button  to locate the required zip file containing the standard set.

Set Name

The name of this standard set, as read from the file, will be displayed here.

Set Version

The version will be displayed here.

Additional Install Information

Any additional information will be displayed here.

Standard Set Information

Press this button to move on to the Set Information page.

Install Standards - Set Information

This page displays the detailed information about the contents of the Standard Set that is being installed, including the names of all the Standards, Materials and Common Variables.

Install Standards - Existing Set

If a Standard Set with the same name as this one has already been installed then this warning page will be displayed. You should be absolutely certain that you want to remove the existing version before installing this one, particularly if the version number of this one is older than that of the existing one.

If the option Force removal of any older installed set was switched on when the set was created then it will not be possible to switch off the Confirm removal option on this page.

Install Standards - Assign Customer

Choose the appropriate radio button, depending on what you want to do with customers when copying standards.

  • Attempt to match customers, and create any missing customers - where possible use the customers that are in the zip file
  • Assign the following customer to all standards - from the pulldown list choose a customer to assign to all imported standards

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