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Numeric Format

This form is called from several places, including the Database Field form, the Value Mapping Database form, the Value Mapping System Function form, the Value Mapping Variable form and the Text Editor form.

Numeric Format


Decimal Places

Enter the number of decimal places to be displayed.

Remove trailing zeros

Switch this option on if numbers are to be displayed without trailing zeros.

Display fractions

Switch this option on if numbers are to be displayed as fractions rather than decimals.


Enter the required denominator to use in the fractions.

Reduce denominator

Switch this option on if you want Impact to automatically reduce the denominator. For example, this would cause 8/16 to be displayed as 1/2.

Display units

Switch this option on to display the units with the value.


From the pulldown choose Millimetres, Centimetres, Metres, Inches, Feet or Points.


Enter the required unit suffix.


A preview of the chosen format will be displayed here.

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