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Project Database Connection

The Project Database Connection form is opened from Impact Options - Database Operation - Remote Databases when you press either the Add or Change buttons. It is also opened from the Impact Browser - Folders panel when you right-click to add a new connection.

Project Database Connection

Impact Database Connection


From the pulldown list choose the database to which you want to connect. Press the Database button to configure these via the Database Connections form.

Depending on how you want to connect, select the appropriate radio button:

  • Connect as Guest
  • Connect as Primary Database User
  • Connect as User

User Id

Enter a username from the chosen database.


Enter the corresponding password.

Always prompt for User ID and Password

Switch this option on to force the password to be entered each time you reconnect to this database.


Display in Standards Browser

If this option is switched on then this database connection will be displayed in the Standards Browser window.

Restore connection next time I open Impact Browser.

This option is only visible when the form is opened from the Impact Browser. Switch it on if you want to connect to the database again next time you open the Browser.

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