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This page is called from the Documents Form. It allows you to restrict the documents displayed to those that match certain criteria.

Search for Documents - Search Documents

You can enter a single word to search for or several words separated by semi-colons. From the pull-down list you can choose Name, Description or Tags. Alternatively, you can select any combination of these options. You can further limit the documents displayed using the document date, size and creator/modifier. The search is case insensitive and it returns all documents that match any of the words entered.


Search for Documents - More Choices

You can further refine your search criteria on this tab.

Type is

Choose the required document type from the pull-down list. Document types are defined on the Document Provider Settings form.

Item Type is

Item Type is not

Choose the item type to either include or exclude from the lists. Item (or MIME) types are defined on the Document Configuration form.

Group is

Group is not

Similarly choose the group to either include or exclude from the lists. Groups are also defined on the the Document Configuration form.


Search for Documents - Options

Use this page to define more search options.

Maximum document count

If you enter a number greater than zero here then the search will stop once that many documents have been retrieved.

Search all document versions

Switch this option on to search all versions of each document. Otherwise only the most recent version will be searched.

Search deleted documents

You can use this option to include deleted documents in your search.

Search data purged documents

Similarly you can use this option to include purged documents.

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