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Add Ticks

Add Ticks

This form is opened when you start the Draw > Add Ticks tool.


From the list of settings highlight the one required. You can make a temporary override to the settings by double clicking the name or by right clicking and selecting Override Settings and then changing the values in the Tick Attributes dialogue. The settings are stored in the Master Tool Settings.

In the bottom left text box a description of the settings selected is displayed.

Press the Favourites button  to add the selected settings to the Favourites list.


The options checked by default will be determined by the settings chosen.

Use selection extents

This option will default to being checked if any entities are selected in the current layer. This option can be unchecked to create the geometry relative to cut type extents.

Place centre line geometry

Place a cross at the centre of the extents.

Place corner mark geometry

Place tick marks relative to the four corners of the extents.

Place centre tick geometry

Place centre tick marks relative to the external extents.

Place free mark geometry

Allows you to place a mark in free space.


When you have chosen the required options press this button to add the ticks.


Press this button to cancel the tool.

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