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Image Options

This form is opened from various places in Impact when you are importing an image from a Postscript or PDF file.

Image Options

Image Size


From the pulldown list choose LowMediumHighVery High or Custom.


If you choose Custom you are able to specify the resolution in pixels. This live updates with the DPI setting and the Width and Height values are locked together by the aspect ratio.

From the pulldown list you can choose your units from Pixels / InchPixels / mm and Pixels / cm

If you enter a resolution value that would create an image above the Very High fixed size, then the following message will be shown at the bottom of the screen. 

Warning: The image created will be very large and may cause instability/performance problems on less powerful hardware.



From the pulldown list choose Greyscale or True Colour.

Use Interpolation

Switch this option on to interpolate between colours.


This section shows some useful information about the import, including the original PDF name, the choice of linked or embedded, the chosen resolution and bit depth (the bit depth is not adjustable, all PDF imports end up with 32 bit images inside Impact) and the final image size in memory.

Crop Area

The Page Box pulldown will contain a list of all the masks that are defined in the PDF file. This could be any of Media BoxArt BoxBleed Box, Crop Box and Trim Box.

The preview area will show the image with a border indicating the position and size of the selected Crop Area.

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