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Nesting Progress Form

This form is opened when you complete the Rubber Nesting Wizard.

Nesting Progress

Rubber Type

From the pulldown list choose the type to be nested, or All to nest all types.

The table will show which types have been selected. Select a different rubber type in the list to make it current and update the rest of the form.


Press this button to start the nesting process, using the defined Rubber Nesting Settings.


Press this button to stop the nesting process.

Edit Orders

Press this button to leave this form and return to the Rubber Nesting Wizard form.


Press this button to create a drawing layer from the current rubber sheet and remain in the tool.


Press this button to delete the current rubber sheet.


The summary section details what has been nested on the current rubber sheet.

Show parts

If there are any parts that have not been nested press this button to display those parts in the Unnested Parts window. The usual cause of unnested parts is that they will not fit on the available sheets.


Press this button to make a copy of the summary section in a text window, from where you can print the details.


Press this button to close the form and save the results to a new layer or layers.


Press this button to close the form without saving the results.

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