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Steel Cutting Optimisation Form

This form is displayed when the  Steel Cutting Optimisation tool is started.

Select the required Steel Cutting Optimisation Master Tool Settings from the drop-down list. A local change can be made to these settings via the normal edit button.


The 'Optimise' sub-tool creates a continuous path, with valid lead-in and lead-out, no overlapping geometry and tool moves in uncut areas only.

Only closed paths from the original geometry will be considered in the optimised path.

Once the 'Optimise' sub-tool has completed, the rest of the editbar options and sub-tools will become available.

We can distinguish between the two types of entity in this drawing by referring to them as cutting entities and move entities. The cutting entities represent the path where the laser beam will be switched on and the move entities are where the laser beam is switched off. The move entities connect the various closed shapes.

The following sub-tools are used to alter the path that has been created between different shapes within the drawing.

 Move point

Select an existing end point of a move entity and drag it to a new location.

 Add point

Select a move entity and drag the new point to the required location. This will cause the identified move entity to be split in two.

 Delete Point

Select a common point between two move entities. The point will be removed and the two entities will become a single entity.

 Bend Entity

Select a move entity and drag to the required location. The entity will be changed into an arc passing through the dragged point.

 Move lead-in / lead-out

The lead-in and lead-out position of a particular closed shape can be altered with this sub-tool. Simply click towards the end of the entity where you want to have a lead-in. The new path will be automatically calculated once the point has been chosen. The direction of the output around the closed path will also be determined by the point, as the chosen entity will be the first entity in that path and the start will be the end closer to the chosen point.

Move start point

The start point for the optimised path can be altered with this sub-tool. Select an entity on a closed shape that does not enclose any other shapes. That entity will become the first entity in the newly generated output path. The direction of output will also be determined as described in the Move lead-in / lead-out sub-tool.

Ordered draw

Use this sub-tool to show the order in which the entities will be output. This is the same tool that is normally available in Impact.

Solid Fill

Use this visibility sub-tool to easily visualise which areas are waste and which are required material.

Waste areas are shown in the same colour as the screen background. Required material is shown in the same colour as the entities that have been used to create the optimised path.

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