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Database Column

Auto-Number Database Column - Part

Database Column


From the drop-down list choose the required database table.


From the drop-down list choose the required column.

Valid Characters


From the drop-down list choose AllAlphaAlphaNumeric or Numeric.

  • Replace invalid characters - enter the required replacement characters
  • Remove invalid characters
  • Error when invalid characters

Start Position

Characters to ignore

Enter the required number of characters to ignore.


Auto-Number Database Column - Options


You can optionally configure lengths to constrain the generated value. Leave the lengths at 0 if no constraint is required.

Minimum Length

Enter the required minimum length.

Maximum Length

Enter the required maximum Length

Error when maximum length exceeded

Pad Value

Switch this option on if you want to pad out shorter values up to the minimum length.

Padding Character

Enter the character to use for the padding.


Character Case

From the drop-down list choose Normal, Upper case or Lower case.

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