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Automatic Rubber Setup - Rotary

Cut Rubber For Rotary Dies

Switch this option on to create rubber specifically for rotary dies. Rubber is added to the internal and external waste areas only, not inside the design. Typically a 'U-shaped' piece off rubber is added to each waste area. Enabling this option will disable the One-up Interior, Perimeter and Waste Areas pages (although see below).


From the pulldown list choose the palette in which to create the rubber.

Rubber thickness

Enter the width of the rubber.

Rubber to knife distance

Enter the offset from the knife to the rubber.


Switch this option on to mask either the upper-most or lower-most entity in the waste area.

Open end

Choose the required radio button:

  • Top
  • Bottom

Create one-up interior

Switch this option on to enable the One-up Interior page.

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