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Separators are used to ensure the rubber blocks are inserted at the correct offset from the rule.

Automatic Rubber Setup - Separators


Select the style of separator required.

Add fillets to smooth separators

This option determines if the intersection of the fillets to the rubber profile is trimmed with a radius or to a point.

Override width

If this option is not checked the width will be the same as the depth.

Separator width

Override the width of the separator by entering a value here.

Automatic placement

This option will add separators to all rubber blocks where the geometry allows.


Enter the approximate distance between separators on a single entity. The separators will be placed in a 1-2-1 style on each entity.

Minimum line length

Separators will be added to any entity where the length is greater than the minimum value.

Apply separators to

You can specify which rubber areas should have separators automatically added. The check-boxes will only be enabled if that particular area is enabled.

Sheet Rubber

  • Border
  • Internal Areas
  • Waste Areas
  • Rotary
  • One-up Interior
  • Perimeter
  • Waste Areas
  • Slots

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