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Blanker Frame

The blanker frame will normally consist of at least two symbol patterns; one for the horizontal bars and a second for the vertical bars. By doing this the vertical bars can be offset from the first knife by a specified value. The distance from the cut extents to the frame is defined in the Blanker master tool settings.

Blanker Frame


Enter a unique MTS name.


Enter an optional description for these settings; this will be displayed in the Blanker master tool settings.


This table lists the Symbols patterns that will be applied to create the frame.

Grip offset

Enter the distance to offset selected symbol patterns from the first cut entity of the layout on the grip edge; typically the vertical frame bars.

From Variable f(x)

The Grip offset value can be loaded from an existing Layer Variable or Project Variable called BlankFrameGripOffset. Please see Diemaker Project Variables for more information.


This button will open the Blanker Frame Pattern form and allow you to choose a new symbol pattern.


This button will open the Blanker Frame Pattern form to change the settings of the highlighted pattern.


This button will remove the highlighted pattern from the table.

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